Sunday, January 26, 2014

A Trip on the Cutting Board

This is the second winter the girls have enjoyed skiing.  Tuesday Ricky took off work to take the girls to the mountain.  Aliah and Ricky skied together while Annabelle had a private lesson.
She's in level 5, which means she is quite comfortable skiing blues and is now starting to ski blacks.  This winter has been unseasonable dry here in Seattle.  If you know anyone who skiis, when someone complains about it raining, they are quick to point out, "If it's raining here, that means it's snowing in the mountains."  So when there's not a lot of rain, there's not great snow for skiing.  The particular trail that Annabelle was on with her instructor was a little icy.  Annabelle fell during a jump and landed on her back. 

As you can imagine, Annabelle tells the story better.  But it goes something like this:  After her fall,  her instructor wasn't comfortable moving her.  So she called ski patrol and about ten people from the rescue team stabilized Annabelle's spinal cord and neck and put her on a backboard.  Then they skied her down the mountain on a sled. (Annabelle will tell you that people on the lifts were pointing at her and covering their mouths while laughing.  I explained that they were covering their mouths gasping at the sight of a little girls going down the mountain on a backboard.)

While they were taking her down the mountain, I received the dreaded phone call from Steven's Pass that my daughter was being brought down the mountain on a backboard.  Not fun.  However, Steven's Pass is the epitome of professional and it was evident that they were taking extra precautions to keep Annabelle safe. 

God answered my prayer and Ricky just happened to be taking a water break so I was able to get a hold of him immediate so that he could be with Annabelle.  Aliah did her sisterly duty of riding with Annabelle in the ambulance for the hour long ride to the hospital so that Ricky could follow in our vehicle.  Annabelle demonstrated her frustration with being strapped to the backboard during this time by yelling, "get me off this cutting board!" 
A quick exam by the doctor at the hospital resulted in her getting her wish of being removed from the backboard.  She was a little shaken up, but happy to be going home after some quick tests came back fine.
Annabelle's ski instructor called to see how she was doing the next day.  Annabelle assured her that she would be back in lessons again in a few weeks. 

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