Thursday, December 19, 2013

A Safe Home

Our family recently signed up to be a host family for children through an organization called Safe Families for Children.  The week of Thanksgiving, we hosted our first child.  This sweet little girl needed a safe home while her Mom could not care for her.  Safe Families for Children is a nation-wide organization whose goal is to give support to parents in crisis situations who have no one to care for their children. 

For most children who end up in the foster care system, there was some crisis event their parents faced which precipitate to child abuse or neglect.  The goal of Safe Families for Children is to come along side parents during the crisis situation and provide a temporary home for the child without threat of loosing custody.  This relief goes a long way to prevent child abuse.  The goal is that the parents are equipped, the family reunited and stabilized. 
This little girl made herself right at home in our family.  Our girls rose to the challenge of caring for a busy toddler.  They learned when we picked her up that not everyone has a home, or a Dad, or three meals a days.  They learned that little girls cry a lot at night when they miss their Momma.
By far, our host child's favorite members of the family were the Haigh boys (Daddy and Charlie).  Although she was nonverbal, she spent a lot of time signing "I love you" and asking for tickles from the Daddy by pretending to tickle him.  During church, she sat in his lap, with her head on his shoulder for an hour, soaking up the love.  Even Charlie thought she was pretty sweet, especially when she would crawl in the kennel with him. 
We are thankful for this opportunity to minister to others as a family.  To share our home and our love with another precious child. 

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