Saturday, August 24, 2013

Cama Beach

It's pretty great that a little over an hour in the car lands us in a little cabin on the beach.  Even just getting way for 24 hours feels like we are worlds away.

Isn't it amazing that all of the sea stars around here are brilliant shades of orange or purple?
Charlie guarding out pet-friendly cabin.   A little bird told me that while we were away getting the most delicious blackberry scones (Cama Beach Cafe), Charlie managed to get hugs from the neighbor boy, pets and kisses from the other neighbor Mama, and a hot dog from a neighbor Daddy.  All while ferociously protecting our cabin, no doubt. 
The girls now find familiar creators on the beach, shrieking in joy with each discovery.  They spent a few hours learning new things from the naturalist about the marine wildlife.
"When can we go back to the cabin on the beach, Daddy?"

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