Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Fostering Charlie

Meet Charlie, our foster dog.  After six months of being a dog-less family, we decided it was time to welcome a pooch back to the Haigh house.  We found a rescue organization that saves death row dogs,  rehabilitates them and places them with families.   We were paired with Charlie, a Shepherd/Lab mix who narrowly escaped euthanasia from a high-kill shelter.  If all goes well, we will officially adopt Charlie in the next week or two. 
Annabelle has made it her personal mission to welcome Charlie and make him feel at home. 
Sweet Charlie boy was running at large before he was picked up and placed in the high-kill shelter.  He has no idea how to play with toys.  No problem, Annabelle can model appropriate canine playing skills. 

One member of our family isn't too thrilled about the addition, but she's kinda grumpy no matter what so I told Charlie not to take it too personally.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Color Pop

Our yard lately.   Constantly amazed by the beauty of the Pacific Northwest!

Micro Power

Birthday gift for our little inquiring minds.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Beauty Day with Aunt Caylyn!

It's Aunt Caylyn here! I'm in town from Kansas City for a week to visit my lovely Seattle girls! My time with them is so precious to me! Yesterday, I painted Violet's and Annabelle's fingernails and we used a 'feather' nail polish for the top coat.
Violet, "It's fancy! Did you bring any fancy clothes, because we should go put them on!" I love how this girl thinks.

Our friend Melissa came over to share her make-up expertise. I don't like that I have to visit my sister and nieces in Seattle, but it's a huge perk that I get to see my college friend and roommate.

I would kill for those long, luscious lashes! Don't worry Daddy, this beautiful girl did not like how she looked and asked to take off the makeup right away. So you might have a few years left before you have to chase the boys away.

So grateful to have fun memories with these girls!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Moved Outside

We've had two weeks of nearly perfect weather and we have moved our dining to our patio.  Ricky got the pump in our water feature going so now we dine listening to the birds and the sounds of trickling water.  Lunch is pretty bright due to that blinding fire-ball occupying the sky these days, so the girls had to break out the hats at noon.

At dinner time we have gentle light filtered through the Friendly Forest and it's just magical.

We initiated the fire pit for 2013 with our first s'more roast this weekend.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Friday Afternoon Hikes

It's Friday. Another week of school under our belt. We celebrate with a hike with friends. It's becoming a weekly event. And I couldn't be happier about it.