Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Just Some Quotes

I will give you a few quotes today from Aliah and Violet for your entertainment:

Violet and I were playing "I Spy."

V:  I spy something blue.
Me: The book?
V: No
Me: The Tupperware lid?
V: No
Me: Your dolphin (Pillow Pet)?
V:  Yep!  Dolphin Dicks!

I have know idea what she meant because her Pillow Pet's name is Snowy, not Dicks.   So I laughed.  A lot.
Aliah and I were discussing orchestra (Annabelle and her are in the public school orchestra).  Last week,  the Junior High orchestra teacher come speak in an effort to encourage incoming 6th graders to enroll in orchestra in Junior High.  He talked about the Junior High orchestra taking trips to play at different venues and contests.  He also mentioned that the Redmond High School orchestra is going to Carnegie Hall this spring.  Aliah was super impressed with the orchestra traveling to NYC.

 Today she asked me if I got to travel cool places when I was in orchestra as a kid.  I told her no, we only went to Manhattan, KS for String Fling.  It wasn't as exciting as NYC.  She said, "Well, that was back in the old times when you were in school, like in the 1900's."