Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Winter Family Fun

 Hitting the slopes with Uncle Chad this time.  The girls were proudly rock'n the blue slopes by the end of their second day skiing.  Daddy was glad to have Uncle Chad to ski with while the girls were in their lessons.
 Making cake balls is an important skill Aunt Caylyn is helping Violet master.  Melissa supervising always improves the results.
 We celebrated Jake's birthday with him.
 Learned how to play a new game- Settlers of Catan.  Aliah begs someone to play it with her on a daily basis.
We took a trip to the nail salon and out to lunch to celebrate Aunt Caylyn's birthday.

 Getting excited for Mimi and Grandpa's second visit next week!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Now that we living between the ocean and mountains, we are taking full advantage of the recreational activities. The girls got their first taste of skiing at Stevens Pass this month. They can't wait for their next lesson.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

First Snow Day

There's something magical about that first snowfall of the year.  As soon there was light, little girls were eagerly  searching for their snowpants and gloves.

  Annabelle took this opportunity to try out the snowboard she found back in the forest.

 What do you think Aunt Deidra and Uncle Troy?  She looks like a natural to me!
Gotta love the beautiful year-round green here, even more beautiful with some snow to compliment it.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Happy Anniversary

Seventeen wonderful years of marriage.  Praying for many, many more.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Picture Catch Up

Sorry for the blogging absence.  

This is what we have been up to:  

The Nutcracker, Christmas parties, spending time with friends doing gingerbread houses, decorating crafts, and cookies.  The girls have also been sharing their musical talents by playing their instruments at church and for our neighbors.  

We had several wonderful visits from our family.  Troy, Deidra, and Charlotte celebrated Thanksgiving with us (as evidenced only by the amazing pictures Deidra took of us for our Christmas card, I failed to take any pictures of them while they were visiting.)
 My parents celebrated Christmas with us.  Mimi spent a week giving the big girls sewing lessons and Grandpa Mike spent the week loving on everyone.  We are looking forward to Caylyn and Chad visiting this month.
 The girls played in their first public school concert.  The Aliah/Annabelle fan-club in the audience consisted of us with Mimi/Grandpa, Melissa, friends from church, and our neighbors.
 We had a hot date to the Ricky's team's Christmas Party.  Ricky was the most outgoing engineer there.  ;)  (I enjoyed decorating my new house for Christmas, it was a treat to have two large fireplace mantels.)

 We celebrated Christmas in our new home:

We entertained in our new home, both new friends and old friends.  Below is our long-time Kansas friend Melissa, who became a Seattleite several years before we did:

In other news:

Christie is becoming more city-smart with her driving.   Nobody honked or made any obscene hand gestures while she drove to downtown Seattle five consecutive days for cancer testing.

The cancer testing results were good- almost five years out now!

We visited the King Tut exhibit.  It is leaving United States for good now.  The girls were impressed that King Tut was buried in gold flip-flops.  We are wrapping up our Egypt unit study in school so the timing of this exhibit in our hometown was perfect.

Violet has started Kindergarten.

Christie has started coursework to earn speech pathology re-certification.

Ricky has been commuting 20 miles a day on his bike.  Microsoft regularly reward his efforts with free gift cards, bike tune-ups, and recently paying for majority of a new commuting bike for him.

Aliah and Annabelle took their first skiing lesson and loved it.  They have three more lessons scheduled this month.  Ricky has enjoyed getting back on the slopes now that we live only and hour from the mountains.