Monday, September 24, 2012

Orcas Island Part Two

 Wading in the Water (Mountain Lake)
 The boat that we viewed Orca whales from:

 After an exciting hour and a half of Orca Whale watching, Violet was all tuckered out.
 Others were invigorated with the hour boat ride back:
 Our hike around Mountain Lake was the most beautiful hike to date.
 Our Ferry docking before we loaded to go back to mainland.
 Enjoying the sights of the islands on the ferry ride.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Oysters Anyone?

Our first Pacific Northwest vacation included so many wonderful firsts.  Like oysters on the half shell.  Violet attempted to be the brave one, but at the last minute she chickened out. 

The Orcas Island farmers market had many other Punkette-pleases, such as bike powered smoothies.
Click, take a pic!  Violet was overcome with awe and called on the services of her "camera in her head" so that she would never forget the the amazing view of the islands from the top of Mt. Constitution.
The Gnome House was our home away from home for five days.  A magical place with all of the things little girls love like spiral staircases
and bedrooms in little chubby-holes. 

We can't wait for Mimi and Grandpa Mike to come experience the beauty of the Pacific Northwest.  Violet didn't want them to miss out, so she brought them with us on our vacation. 

More pictures to come.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Camping in Fairyland Forrest

Most of our friends spent the last weekend of summer traveling to some campsite.  Not us, we took it easy and set up camp in our very own backyard, a.k.a. Fairyland Forrest.  It was our first time to try out the firepit.  The benches surrounding the firepit were comfy, covered in soft moss. 
The trail from our backyard through the forest: The sunlight spilling in between the trees and the giant ferns really make the place feel magical. Behind the trees is clear water creek where the girls like to play in the sand and river rocks.
Stop feeding the wildlife Violet!

(On a side note, our cat Roxy made the move to Washington with us from the beginning and tried out life as an indoor cat at our temporary housing.  After moving to our permanent home, she made it very clear that she did not want to be an indoor cat anymore, namely by not using her litter box properly.  So she promptly got kicked outside.  She has enjoyed her summer outside thus far and has begun to venture inside for short periods.  We are hoping we will find a happy balance of our previous indoor-outdoor cat arrangement we had in Kansas soon.)
A view of the back of our house from Fairyland Forrest:
Violet had a special delivery from our resident Fairy, Fern the Fairy.  It was a jar of special glow-in-the-dark fairly dust to accompany her on her first night camping in the Northwest.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Cherry Creek Falls

Sunday afternoon hikes are becoming a tradition now that we have relocated to the Pacific Northwest.  We set out to find the water fall at Cherry Creek Falls for the second time.  Last time we tried, we hiked almost 6 miles, not finding the falls.  This time we were armed with GPS coordinates, and we arrived at our destination successfully.  We are learning as we go.