Thursday, August 30, 2012

Monkeying Around in New Trees

We had a few people doing double takes and they drove by and saw what those crazy Kansans were up to.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Seattle Sights

Although we are slowing closing the gap from tourists to Seattleites, a visit from my childhood friend Kim gave us an excuse to put on the tourist hat for a few days.  First stop: a trip across Puget Sound on the Ferry.

Hello Space Needle.  This is a side of you we have never seen before.

The Punkettes' first time on a real beach.  They were quite enamored by the shells, crabs and star fish.

Kim has been looking forward to seeing the fish being thrown at Pike Place Market since she was in grade school.  The Fish Mongers did not disappoint, I swear they chucked some 50 pounders.  At least Violet wasn't there to hide behind me and cry violently, scared to death that a fish would be thrown at her. 

Fresh fish n' chips
My children are a little too comfortable with public transportation. We aren't in Kansas anymore. 

Monday, August 13, 2012

Summer Days

We've been spending our summer days (and nights):

watching outdoor movies with our new neighbors on giant outdoor movie screens by the lake:
 enjoying goofing off with Aunt Caylyn:
sitting in lawn chairs at the lake, outdoor parties, and free concerts at the marina:
Giving each other kisses and bunny ears, among other things (I know the lighting is off, but this picture is worth sharing):
 Acquiring new bikes with multiple gears:

getting organized and starting to think about school,  but mostly taking our time and soaking up the sun while we can.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Washington Berries

Thumbs up for picking juicy berries nurtured by Washington states' abundance of rain followed by beautiful sun.  (With our very special ex-babysitter April).

It's such a treat to spend the morning in the cool berry fields stuffing yourself full of fresh berries that we have been back several times.  It was on the top 3 list of things to do while visiting Seattle for Aunt Caylyn.  Matter of fact, both of our Kansas visitors were enamored by the giant berries so much that they carefully packed boxes full to take back home.
The best berry pancakes we've ever had.