Thursday, March 31, 2011

An Un-Schooling Kinda Day

This morning we are home and I have some things to attend to.  So I am letting the girls have a relaxed free day from school.  For the past half hour Aliah has been giving Annabelle a violin lesson.  It's nice to know that when I give them a break from school, they still find ways to keep their growing brains busy. 
Excuse me Violet, didn't mean to exclude you from the picture!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Slumber Party

It's like a brand new house downstairs!  Our basement remodel is finished now that the new carpet was installed yesterday.  Above is the t.v./play area and the yellow room is our spare bed room.
The girls are super excited to have such soft lush carpet.  Since we have hardwood floors everywhere upstairs and in the past just had non-padded industrial type carpet in the basement, this is quite a change.  They decided to break it in by having a sleepover last night.  But only after several hours of tickling and rolling around on the floor with Daddy.

 A before picture looking into the storage area, while the carpenters were building the new wall:
After, looking into the storage room.  It was crammed full of all of our basement stuff so we couldn't even shut the door!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Enjoying the Outdoors

Spring has sprung at the Haigh House.  The trees in our "Firefly Forrest" are not green but alas there are other signs throughout the yard.  Aliah found this discarded walnut half brimming with baby mushrooms.

Violet made an umbrella with a branch and a giant leaf.

Ironically, the girls ended up playing in the snow just the night before I finished this post.  Such is life in the midwest.  Just wait a few days and they will be back outsite in their shorts and tank tops!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Guess Who's Sewing

Aliah has been begging me to teach her to sew for a long time now.   Saturday, while shopping with Grandma, Aliah picked out a pattern for some shorts and top.  I decided I had better get my machine out and teach her some basics first before she starts on some clothes.  After a quick phone consultation with my Mom, I got everything ready for step-by-step directions to teach her to sew.

After learning the parts of the machine, she sewed on lined paper without thread:

After she mastered the straight lines, we moved on to curvy lines and curly-ques.  Next was squares to learn corners.  
 Aliah decided it would be fun to try to stitch her name:

After mastering back-stitching and learning to thread the machine she sewed her first seam:

I looking forward to seeing what my creative child makes with her new skills!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Uncle Troy vs. Aliah

In true Bobby Flay style, Uncle Troy challenged Aliah to a Throwdown in the kitchen.  Aliah has been known for her delicious Popeye Sandwiches.  Uncle Troy thought he might be able to make them better.  Little did he know that she had a few tricks up her sleeve!

Uncle Troy's Suos Chefs Annabelle and Ashlea:

Spectators Aunt Deidra and Charlotte:

another picture of Charlotte, because she is so darn cute:
Violet happy to have Grandma's full attention while having a book read to her:

 Judge Annabelle tasting the food:

 And the Winner is. . . 

Chef Aliah!

Her secret ingredient was cheddar cheese and some fresh chives, thanks Mimi for the suggestion!

Thankful For

Today I am thankful for: 

A box of over a 1,000 foam stickers to keep little hands busy:

 A fun hands-on curriculum to keep big brains challenged:

My temporal thermometer that so reliably checks this one's persistent fever for the past three days:

And a well-rested (finally!) Mommy who today has the energy to take care of these blessings.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Roll Over Beethoven

 After practicing her violin today, Aliah decided that she wanted to compose her own song.  She got out some paper and started laboriously drawing out the five lines of the staff.  I got online and found this program that allows kids to compose their own music. 
You click and drag the notes to the staff.  It forces you to use notes that total 4 beats per measure, which I thought was great.  It really reinforced what Aliah has learned from her lessons.  After you are done, you can click on the play button and hear your music. 

Poor Annabelly

You know you have a really sick kid when you find her sleeping in random places of the house in the middle of the day.  This morning, I found her sleeping in my bed and this afternoon she was curled up like a cat in the sunshine. 

Sorry for the Lapse

Sorry for the lapse in blogging.  We have been dealt a difficult hand the past month and Mommy is just too busy to blog.  Life has been stressful and hard.  Ricky found a creative way to deal with his stress- an Enigma Puzzle:

After about a half hour, he finally got it apart.  But the trick was trying to figure out how to put it back together!

Some Haigh Girl eye candy:

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hello Cuteness!

Nice chatting with ya!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011