Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Scissors and Eyebrows

Yesterday when I went to get Aliah out of her room from quiet time, I discovered that she had taken her scissors to her eyebrows. When I first saw it, I started laughing. In fact I couldn't stop laughing long enough to reprimand her. So I took her scissors away and told her they were off limits indefinitely. In my mind, I figured that this was a matter that deemed a Mother-Father huddle to determine the proper punishment so it was okay that I didn't do anything else right then.

Then Uncle Chad and Aunt Caylyn came over to go to the pool with us. She was embarrassed and tried to keep her eyebrows covered. By the time Daddy got home, she was so embarrassed over the situation that a punishment was not necessary. Phew, another parenting dilemma solved. I love natural consequences. (For the record, the only reason she let me take this picture is because she was pointing to her new loose tooth.)

I actually kinda feel for the poor girl because she inherited the thick Spicer unibrow. (My brother actually gets his waxed because it is so bad.) Aliah was just trying to take the matter into her own hands. At lesat she has beautiful plump lips.

A close up of some of the damage (please excuse lunch remnents):
Annabelle demonstrating that her pretty eyebrows are still intact (she obviously takes after the Haigh side, Miss Brown Eyes):
Update: Today the cousins from California are coming to visit. Aliah woke up in a fluster, almost crying, "Mommy, have you thought of anything to cover up my eyebrows?" I love natural consequences.

It's Violet Again!

Hi, it's me, Violet Grace. Did you know Mommy got a new camera for her birthday? It had something to do with us kids playing with and loving the lens on her old camera too much. Well, she keeps her new camera in special place because she doesn't want us to love on it. But guess what, I found it sitting by the computer the other day!

The button that make the camera's Pinocchio nose stick out is in the same place as the old camera! And the button that makes the light go off is in the same spot too, so I had no problem using Mommy's new camera.

Too high (that's my bow in my hair):
Just right! (I'm going to work on my hand stability in the future, but hey, I'm only one.)

Sunday, June 28, 2009

How Do You Make Kale?

Today we took tour of Spring Creek Farm. They grow organic vegetables that they sell to CSA (community supported agriculture) members, like us, or at the Lawrence Farmer's Market. Before we got there, the girls wanted to know if our farmer, Stephanie, wore a hat. When they met her, they had their question answered. Then they asked her how she "makes" our kale. (above Stephanie is showing Annabelle where she grows the girls' favorite vegetable, kale).

Stephanie showing the girls one of the chicken coups:
The girls inside the coup, reaching under a hen to collect some fresh eggs. Those eggs provided about an hours worth of entertainment before they were broken.
Stephanie really bonded with the girls. There were probably about 30 other people there, but my girls of course were the center of Stephanie's attention during the 45 minute tour. We enjoyed a wonderful lunch of food that was raised on the farm. It was also nice to meet the rest of the crew at Spring Creek Farm who work hard all summer for us. When the girls get bigger we plan to go out to volunteer.

Do Garter Snakes Bite?

It turns out if a garter snake is handled and provoked by a curious child long enough, it can bite. The good news is they are not poisonous. Aliah just had a small scratch on her finger, but I think it was enough for her to learn to leave the snake alone.
Eeewww! Not my idea of a good time.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Our First Boating Trip

We had a blast today at Pamona Lake with our friends the Pempin family. We left at 7:30 this morning to partake of Dan's famous breakfast burritoes. We spent several hours on the water before wrapping it up for lunch. When we got home at 2:00 everyone was ready for naps. In fact it is almost 4:30 and the girls are still sleeping.

The Pempin's adorable dog Maisy (notice anything different about her?):
The kids on the boat: Isabel, Isaac, Aliah, and Annabelle. Violet was probably the least impressed:
We spent a fair amount of time swimming in the lake, but I don't have any pictures of that. The best part of the day was tubing. Isabel and Aliah:
Aliah & Annabelle:
Even Daddy got in some action. Next time he gets to try wakeboarding:With our van in the shop, the girls all rode in the Camry for the first time:

It's 105 Out

What better way to spend a hot summer afternoon than at the movies. We saw the show Up, which was darling. Our talented friend Kelly made cupcakes to commemorate the event:
We stopped at Cold Stone to get Mommy's free birthday cup of ice cream, which I shared with the girls:Can you say H-O-T!The van didn't like the heat because as we were leaving Mass Street, it overheated and I quickly parked it in the first shady parking lot I could find:Thankfully, Violet was at Grandma's and the big girls were up for an adventure. My wonderful brother-in-law picked them up within a few minutes and took them to his air conditioned house. Later I was told that he stopped at the drive through at McDonald's and asked the girls if they wanted any ice cream. Aliah told him they already had ice cream so they settled for chicken nuggets and a hamburger.Daddy came to our rescue and with the help of our mechanic, figured out the problem and got the van to the mechanic's shop. It turns out if your car is making a weird sounds you should get it fixed before the radiator fan completely quits. Lesson learned.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

KU Med Once Again

Violet joined me for the first time on my trip to KU Med today. When she saw the ultra modern curvy glass building she immediately started yelling "Dada work, Dada work!" I felt bad to disappoint her. There was a strong resemblance with the tower at Garmin.

Like yesterday, I drove over an hour each way just to get a little shot. But these shots are important because they take the place of being off my thyroid medication for a month (and feeling like a truck hit me for that long) every 6 months for testing. Thank the Lord for Thyrogen.

So yesterday while I was getting my first injection (in my derriere) the nurse goes, "Darn it!" My immediate reaction was, don't tell me you just squirted a $900 injection on the floor instead of my rear. "Sorry, I got a drop of blood on your pants," she tells me. No big deal, I tell her. Phew.

The big girls are fascinated by my shot tales and after I told them what happened, Aliah said, "That nurse isn't a very good shotter Mommy."

Today played out to be an interesting day. It involved: balloons, ice cream and an overheated car. Of course I have pictures. Stay tuned. I will blog when we get back from the lake tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Vacation Bible School

This week we have spent our mornings learning about Jesus at Vacation Bible School. Gotta love those personalized crafts. What a cute picture the girls had taken to put in their hand painted frames. After seeing what Violet came home looking like (the" it-should-be-washable" paint on her face, hair, and shirt), I can't wait to see what her frame looks like. I'll keep you posted.

It's 100 Out, What Should We Do?

In all of my brilliant motherly wisdom, I decided today would be the day to get our laundry done. (My new washing machine will be delivered Tuesday, thank the Lord). What better time to venture out but in the heat of the day. 100 degrees at 3:00p.m. , heat index around 110, give or take. Now Baldwin is a nice little town, but is lacking in some areas. This is the cleaner of our two laundromats, I have come to discover. It is conveniently open from 3-8:00 p.m.
Complete with a whole line of machines, some of which do not have out of order signs on them. But lacking one thing: air conditioning. Heaven help us.Armed with the necessary Sonic slushes to prevent a trip to the ER for dehydration, we settled in to color. Annabelle can make anything seem like fun:Violet: "What do you mean, I'm not supposed to color on my face Mama?"
Aliah is humoring me. Her classes kept fogging up. It's such a delima- look through foggy glasses and see blur, or look over your glasses and see two of everything.This is the way washers should be- 3 settings. Bet the electronics on these babies don't fry themselves after they have been used for 14 months, unlike a certain high-end front loader I have sitting in my basement.
The last time I did my laundry at the laundromat, I had a little take home gift hidden amongst my clothes- a pair of thong underwear in size 4. Wonder if I will find any gems today. Off to lug the not so-light-baskets of wet clothes to my basement to dry.

Father's Day

Sunday we were fortunate enough to celebrate Father's day with my family. My parents and my sister and her husband joined us for a relaxing family day. As is often the case when we get together, we played a game. This time it was Wits and Wagers. We used the new expansion which included about 70 questions that Uncle Chad wrote. It's nice having a celebrity in the family.

Chad (otherwise known as Chaddyboy in the gaming world), my Dad, and Ricky with Annabelle:
Turns out my Dad is pretty good at games that involve poker chips and betting. And the fact that he is pretty smart and knows the answers to obscure trivia questions didn't hurt. He beat the rest of us.

Aliah reading to Mimi:

Monday, June 22, 2009

Night Out

Saturday night, grandma watched the kids and we went out. We went to Zona Rosa with Caylyn and Chad to see Josh Blue and celebrate my birthday. I have never been to a comedy club before and I am pleased to say that my first experience was a pleasant one. The food was good and the laughter was even better. There is something to be said for laughing for two hours straight. Does the body good.

Josh was excited to share about his wife and new baby. We all know that learning to be a parent, especially the first time around, lends itself well to providing subject matter for comedy. I do have to say that picturing Josh walk around with a little Asian baby strapped on in front pack is a pretty funny. So when I got home I just had to google his family. Pretty cute, huh?

Sunday, June 21, 2009


See that orange cable that is cut and laying in the middle of the yard? That's the reason I didn't have internet or cable for 24 hours. Too bad Mediacom doesn't take it seriously when digsafe tells them we will be doing some drainage work in our back yard. Now they have to come and spend half of a day burying another line. Wouldn't taking 10 minutes with a little bit of spray paint been easier?

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Fruits of our Labor

Last night, my girlfriends and I got together. We mass produced this birth announcement for our friend Jess. She doesn't know the sex of her baby yet, so I designed a gender neutral announcement. We plan to add a tiny pink or blue bow on the top pea. On the inside, we will put a photo of the baby with his or her name and stats. Pretty sweet for a sweet little babe!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Already Looking Up!

I have wonderful, supportive friends (new and old) who understand what it is like to be a Mama. Even on the rough days.

We had a great morning playing at the park.

I got a nap. Two of my kids took a nap. The third remained in her room during the duration, quietly playing.

I got flowers (thanks Jess and Michelle).

I got a Sonic Diet Dr. Pepper with Diet Cherry syrup.

I got a bag of loot from Trader Joe's! Which is quite possibly the best birthday gift ever. Complete with 3 different kinds of dark chocolate. Thanks Troy and Deidra, you're the best.

I have an evening of fun girl time too look forward to.

I am blessed.

Not the Worst Day Ever, But. . .

Man, this morning I got started on the wrong foot. I know that you all read what a charmed life I have, and really that is true, but we all have bad days. Mine just happens to have fallen on my birthday.

So this morning, in an effort to spend some quality time with Aliah, we sat down on the couch to read one of her primers. The other girls were still sleeping and I was looking forward to eating my oatmeal in peace and quiet when she finished.

It took her an entire half hour to read the book. Granted, she is really into the pictures and talking about the story, but 30 minutes for 8 pages, an average of 8 words a page is just ridiculous. I would rather watch paint dry or get a root canal. I asked her to "read the word" about 25 times. She can read, it is just still hard work so she is slow.

By the end, I was so frustrated, I yelled at her. It was the lowest I have ever sunk in my 6 years and 21 days as a mother. I made her fell horrible and I don't blame her if she never wants to pick up another book again. Homeschooling first grade is going to be such a, ahem, joy.

So after halfway pulling myself together, I swallowed my pride and apologized too her. Which just ended in a crying spell for both of us.

To make matters worse, everyone is calling me for my birthday. Now these are the people who know me best and can read my mood from my "hello." So my father, my best childhood friend, and my mother-in-law all knew something was wrong when they called. All of those supposed to be happy conversations ended with me breaking down in tears, once again.

No, not the worse day if my life. My Dad didn't get shot in the head while he was piloting a plane today (for those of you who don't know that really did happen and he is okay- click the link for the Reader's Digest version, serious). I wasn't told I had cancer today. My kids don't have the stomach flu today (although I wouldn't be surprised if that happens in the near future since my washer is not working again). Just a bad Mommy day. Tomorrow will be better. In fact today will be better.

P.S. I love you too KSD!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Is 34 Close to 100?

Today is my special day. Yes, it is my very own birthday. Yesterday, Aliah asked me how old I was going to be. I told her 34. She replied, "Is 34 close to 100?"

When I told my Mom this, she laughed and reminded me that I was over a third of my way to 100. Thanks Mom. That makes me feel much better.

This is how Violet Grace feels about her mother turning 34 (those are Mr. Potato Head teeth she is cheesing with):
I took Violet to the swimming pool tonight and when we got home, my birthday cake had been baked. Funfetti Angel Food Cake, my favorite. Of course, I already had the best part (the crusty part on top). Here it is cooling off in my husband's cooling contraption that he designed: