Friday, January 30, 2009

Can You Paint My Nails Too, Dr.?

Yesterday, I took Annabelle to the dentist to have her chipped tooth repaired. Let me just say she was a rock star patient. The dentist was amazed over how well she did. It is a pediatric dentist's office so they are prepared for the worst, which always makes me feel better. They run that practice like a well oiled machine for kids. As soon as she was seated in the dental chair, the assistant handed Annabelle a little Play Station with a Strawberry Shortcake video showing. Annabelle thought that was great. During the 45 minutes they were working on restoring the tooth, they told her they were using the "tooth tickler" (drill) or "painting her tooth" (bonding agent). When they were done, they showed her the new tooth in a mirror. She glanced briefly into the mirror and then turned to the dentist and asked, "Now can you paint my fingernails, please?" He started laughing so hard, he just about fell out of his chair.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ricotta Cheese Blueberry Pancakes

Usually pancakes are Ricky's domain, but I decided to try something new tonight. When I told the girls I was making pancakes, Aliah said, "But you don't know how to make pancakes, Mommy." I can, I told her if I just follow the recipe. Mommy is good at following recipes.

Ricky makes Alton Brown pancakes and as you can imagine, they rock. He carefully measures out each of the ingredients on his kitchen scale, and there are a lot of ingredients. Each ingredient also has a certain order and certain things have to mixed just right. Ricky and Alton are both geeky that way about their food!

I had half of a container of low fat ricotta cheese left over, so I found this recipe to use the rest of it up with. Aliah helped me mix it up. The only changes I made was I used whole wheat flour and increased the servings to 4. The girls were still asking for more when they were all gone, so next time I will have to triple the recipe for the 4 of us. Ricotta cheese is a great protein source, so they made the pancakes perfect candidates for dinner. I would say recipe was a huge success- all 3 girls gave it a thumbs up!

Aliah took these pictures of the pancakes as they were cooking:

Annabelle with a clean plate, drinking her grapefruit juice left over from her grapefruit:

Violet, happy with a full tummy and a happy plate, I mean tray:

Violet is still struggling with her cold. She hasn't had a fever since Saturday, but her cough and runny nose are pretty bad. I may take her to the doctor on Friday if she is not any better. Tomorrow I am taking Annabelle to the dentist in Kansas City for her chipped tooth. We have been stuck at home all week, and I have been trying to keep my spirits up as we get through these dog days of winter. It is tough being a stay-at-home, homeschooling Mom of a sick toddler. The days get really long. We count down the minutes until Ricky gets home, around 6:30. At least today the sun came out! Every day is a new day and things will change. Can't wait for spring, when we go to the park everyday.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Pizza Experiment

This morning Violet and I stayed home from church so that she could nap. I walked/ran on my treadmill, cleaned bathrooms, and took a shower during her 2 hour nap (longer than normal due to her cold). Then I decided to try something new with my usual pizza dough. I started with my whole wheat pizza crust, baked it, and topped the adult half with: olive oil, sauteed onions & garlic, spinach, marinated artichokes, olives, and left-over turkey. Here is a picture before I topped it with mozzerella and parmesean cheese, and dusted with Hidden Valley Ranch powder.

And our favorite side- roasted asparagus:

Here is my plate- delish!

For dessert, I surprised the girls with chocolate-covered strawberries:

We are having dinner at the Northrop's tonight (along with the Pempins). This is what I am bringing- apple crisp and ice cream. Mmmmm, it has been a long time since I have made apple crisp, the smell is heavenly.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Morning at Kidscape

Friday morning we went to Kidscape at the Johnson County Museum with our friends. It was a great hands-on time for the kids. Their favorite parts of the "city" were the hospital, bookstore, and theater.

Me with Miss Ivy, Kim and Dan's 3rd:

Annabelle's favorite costume, a dinosaur:

With an endless supply of hand's on activities, Aliah still resorted to her favorite pastime- reading. She spent about a half hour in here:

Her friends Isaac and Isabel joined her for a while:

Violet loved the babies in the hospital. Here she is taking the temperature of one poor helpless patient. She later drug it around for about a half hour.

Aliah and Annabelle performing surgery:

All 6 of the mobile kids performing on the stage in the theater. It was so cool- backstage the kids could control the lights themselves.

It was paramount that the 3 of us Mommies got our picture together. We have been through so much together on our spiritual walks and our mutual journeys as mothers. If we were in Jr. High we would be exchanging friendship bracelets- BFF! So we all sat down first thing and recruited one of the kids to take our picture. That didn't work out so well:

So since I have the longest arms, I was elected to do some arm's reach shots. I had to sit in the middle of the two blond bombshells. As you can see, I was only slightly more successful than the 4 year old:

We Now Have 3 Princesses

Today we were all downstairs hanging out while Ricky was dissecting and diagnosing our sick dryer. The big girls were putting on dress up clothes. Violet found a lavender skirt and brought it to Aliah to help her put it on. Then, she found the coordinating top-half of the princess costume and brought it too Aliah. She is so smart- she even knew what color would be appropriate!

Ricky working on the dryer. He will need to order some parts to fix it.

Here are some pictures from earlier in the day- The kids and Daddy getting ready to go outside to shovel snow:

Violet sitting like a big girl for snack time with Daddy. She is chewing a big juicy pear slice. Yes, she did almost fall of the chair after sitting there for 10 minutes.

I thought she felt hot and checked her temperature, and sure enough it was 102. Her nasty cold is back. Last time she wouldn't sleep unless we held her, so let's all home that doesn't happen again.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Catch Up

I've been under the weather with the flu for a few days. I won't share any details, other than that my wonderful husband stayed home from work 1 1/2 days to take care of the kids while I was holed up in our bedroom for 36 hours.

Annabelle came home from Awana last night crying with some news to share with me. She chipped her front tooth at church and was pretty upset about it. It doesn't hurt her so I hope there is no root damage. I was going to take her to the dentist today, but didn't feel up to it yet. Plus I couldn't get a sitter for the other girls and taking all 3 to the dentist during nap time just didn't sound too appealing to me. So we will take her next week for x-rays.
Here is a picture of her chipped tooth with s'more still on her face:

It was so nice out today that Ricky had an impromptu campfire and a-spoil-your-dinner-s'more.
Ricky doing his manly-man face:

Violet is quite a bit more mobile now than she was last fall and she got herself into trouble a couple of times while exploring outside today. The obvious fire hazard had me on the edge of my seat since she likes to get down from her chair. Then she climbed to the top of the stairs and was standing on the (high) deck before anyone noticed. Then Aliah and Annabelle were swinging and Violet walked right into Aliah. Aliah quickly spread her legs out so Violet's face hit her groin squarely. She got knocked flat on her back. Not a pretty picture, but it was better than being taken out by a foot or a knee-cap.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Annabelle's Photography Portfolio

Our little point-and-shoot camera is on its last leg. So I let the girls use it more often now since we will probably be replacing it soon. Here are some pictures Annabelle took the other day.
Say "cheese" Violet!

Home made potato fries baking in the oven (and a reflection of the camera):

Random chart from homeschooling and music on the piano:

Aliah well, just being Aliah:

Good doggie, Payton:

Naughty kitty Roxy, what are you doing inside. . .and on the furniture?

Aliah doing more silly things:

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Fun Day with the Haigh's

This weekend Uncle Troy and Aunt Deidra flew in to celebrate Christmas since the ice storm kept them away Christmas weekend. Ricky and I had a dinner theater show last night so the girls spent the night at Grandma's. That meant an extra evening and morning to hang out with Uncle Troy and Aunt Deidra and be completely spoiled.

Here is a shot of Annabelle fixing Grandma Susan's hair. She specializes in multiple pigtails. I heard Aunt Deidra got her share of pigtails this weekend too.

Violet wearing Deidra's hat:

Violet telling Uncle Troy that she wants a drink from his water bottle too after Annabelle got a drink. Notice Aliah is playing with Aunt Deidra's IPhone. I swear, those girls have them wrapped around their little fingers!

I made reservations at a Japanese Steakhouse for the dinner. The girls were highly entertained as I had hoped they would be. Our chef seemed to enjoy children and made smiley faces and hearts out of the food. The ever-popular flaming onion volcano:

Uncle Troy feeding Violet with chopsticks (Violet also got her own styrofoam cup full of water, which she promptly sucked the whole thing down since the straw was such a novelty. Let's just say the diaper did not fair well throughout the evening):

Aliah eating salmon with chopsticks:

Aunt Deidra feeding Violet sherbet (Deidra- do you appreciate the strategic angle I took this photo?):