Saturday, November 29, 2008

Classic Toys: Lincoln Logs

When a toy entertains several generations, you know it is good. My girls now have a "Flat Screen Light Bright"- it's awesome. Another example is Lincoln Logs. I enjoyed playing with these as a child and Aliah likes to build with them now. Check out the elaborate cabin she built today: (Mimi, this would be a good design for your lake house- loft on the top with bedrooms on the side and a front porch).

Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving: Some Annabellisms

We just got home from a great Thanksgiving in Clay Center. Here are a couple of quotes from Annabelle during our big turkey day meal:

"Please pass the rotten eggs" (deviled eggs)
"I got a turkey leg and some stuffed-up" (stuffing)

Yes, Uncle Curtis served her and she came back to the table with a ginormous turkey leg that took up half her plate. Violet loved the dark meat and ate about half of the turkey leg for her.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Yesterday, I took the girls and a friend to The Very Hungry Caterpillar. It was a play about Eric Carle's books at the Lied Center in Lawrence. It was brought to Lawrence by a grant for arts in the public schools. Even though we weren't invited, I decided that surely they have some extra seats for a few homeschooled kids from the surrounding area. Sure enough, we showed up and the sweet elderly ushers were happy to show us to some seats in the 2nd balcony.

Here are the girls looking out he window of the Lied Center before the show:

Annabelle, not afraid of heights on the 2nd balcony:

The puppeteers demonstrating how the puppets worked during a question and answer session after the show:

Afterwards, lunch at Cici's. The girls got sodas for the first time at a restaurant, which was a huge deal to them. Annabelle got root beer and she kept saying it wasn't soda, well, you know what she thought. Aliah wouldn't look at me when I asked her to so that I could take this pictures because, "Mommy, I am so hungry I have to eat."

Annabelle started making coy and goofy faces during our meal. Then I realized that she was flirting with the Cici's worker who was sitting behind me. She told me, "he likes me. Mommy take a picture of him." So here you go, I am now taking pictures of random teenage boys my daughter has a crush on:

I guess he was kinda cute:

Saturday, November 22, 2008

My Hobby

When you are a stay-at-home Mom or even better, a homeschooling Mom, you have to have some hobbies to get out of the house (besides grocery shopping). My creative outlet is scrapbooking. Now that I have 3 beautiful subjects and thanks to Annabelle, interesting quotes I am busier than ever keeping up with this hobby. I really enjoy getting away with friends and my sister for the day or weekend to scrapbook. So in that way scrapbooking is just an excuse to get some girlfriend time. But I also have a scrapbooking/sewing room in our spare bedroom so I can go down there, shut the door and have some Christie time. The bonus is someday my kids will have something to look at so that they know how much I love them.

Here is a page from Annabelle's book that has birth statistics:

Aliah when she was three:

Violet at 6 months with me:

Mr. Clean

The other night, my wonderful husband was mopping the kitchen floor. And when he cleans, he army cleans, there isn't a spec of dirt left. So I was more than thrilled. While I was watching him with that mop in his hand, I couldn't help but think that he reminded me of Mr. Clean. Since May he has bee sporting a shaved head, and I think it is quite becoming on him. He shaved it for Shave to Save, a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society. I got my camera out to take a picture of my own personal Mr. Clean, but he put his foot down. "You're not going to take a picture of me and put it on your blog," he told me. So you will have to settle for some pictures from his brother's wedding.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My Kitchen is Done!

Ricky and I finished the last project for our kitchen. The tile is now grouted and caulked. We can't take much of the credit for the kitchen. We did put the windows, backsplash, and the lights in. The custom cabinets were made by a local cabinet shop, Langley Cabinets. I was so pleased to find a local craftsman who was able to meet Ricky's high standards. Ricky would have liked to have made our own cabinets, but there was no way he had the time.

I call my new kitchen my "consolation prize for getting cancer," haha. Really it is a once in a lifetime opportunity to get a custom kitchen designed for you and I really feel blessed. My favorite part is the four ginormous pot drawers. In one of them I keep all of Aliah's homeschooling supplies (see picture below). I also love the island, where the girls can help me cook without being by the stove. The girls also have an art cabinet on the side of the island, where they can get out their own supplies without coming into the heart of the kitchen. After months of planning, I am very pleased how everything has come together.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Violet in My Lingerie

The big girls and I were working on cleaning the house today while Violet was off playing on her own. Usually her favorite thing to do is to terrorize her sister's rooms, taking everything off their shelves. But today she discovered that the door to my room was open. It seems that she thinks she is over baby clothes and moving on to more mature apparel. This is how I found her scooting down the hall wearing some of my lingerie (there were bras strewn all over my room that she had also been trying on):

Then she found Aliah's stocking cap and asked us to put it on her:

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Day with Old Friends

This morning Aliah and I got up early to go to Life Church in Olathe. My dear friend Heather's daughter Ava was baptized. It was a priveledge to celebrate Ava's commitment to Christ with her family. While we were there I also got to see my fellow thyca survivor Hallie (their church's Awana Commander), and our good friends the Pempins. Worship at the Life Church is a little like attending a rock concert, a far cry for our traditional church. But it was a wonderful service and ended with the always moving and emotional cardboard testimonies. I had a great time rock'n it out for our Lord!

Aliah and I before we left this morning:

Aliah completely overstimulated by the rock music and lights:

Ava's baptism:

Aliah much more comfortable in the children's church (picture was taken through the window). Hallie led their worship service.

Aliah with her friends Ava and Lanette at Granite City:

Heather (the magic behind my girl's pictures) and me:

After eating a yummy brunch at Granite City, we went to Oak Park Mall to shop. Aliah and Lanette entertained each other while I shopped for clothes and then they were rewarded with a ride on the carousel. What a great day out we had!

Violet's One Year Portraits

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Hand and Hand

Heather just sent me another image from our photo shoot a couple of weeks ago. This pic is so telling of my big girls. You see, Annabelle may be younger than Aliah but she is the leader in the family, with Aliah often following. Plus this picture captures Annabelle's goofy attitude. I love it! Can't wait to get the rest of my pictures this weekend!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Aliah and the Nativity Set

You will all be proud of me because I already have my Christmas tree up! I would like to take the credit for being so with-it, but the truth is I just really needed to clean up the storage room and the tree was taking up all of my free space there so I decided to get it out of there. So anyway, while getting the ornaments out of the attic, I got the Fisher Price Nativity set out also.

I snuck up on Aliah playing with the set. She was doing a beautiful job reenacting the whole scene, "Look the star...find baby Jesus in a manger..." and so on. So I grabbed my camera to catch this heartwarming scene. That was when it all went sour.

All of the characters began displaying inappropriate bodily functions. First baby Jesus spit up, "because he had just eaten" (I think she had Mary nurse him). Then a donkey pooped (sound familiar Caylyn & Chad)? Then Joseph burped! I think she was a little embarrassed when she figured out I was videoing her.

Here are some pictures of Violet today playing in the pop-up tunnel. She entertained herself for about a half an hour by throwing her toys in there and going in to retrieve them. Lil' stinker apparently thinks she is to big for morning naps, as she has skipped them a couple times this week.

She Didn't Know My Name

Wednesday Annabelle had dance class. When we arrived instead of her usual instructor greeting us, a girl welcomed us and said she was the substitute because the instructor was sick. This will be interesting, I thought and almost pitied the girl as I left.

I arrived about 15 minutes early to pick up Annabelle so that I could observe the class through the one-way mirror. My suspicions were right. Everyone, except Annabelle was dancing (or attempting to dance as 3 year-olds do) while Annabelle was off doing her own thing. She was climbing on the stacked mats and jumping off. Then she proceeded to go to the stand-alone bars that were lined up against the side of the studio, climbing on them as if they were monkey bars. One of the substitutes went over to redirect her (by this time there were two girls teaching), but had no luck.

Then pretty soon Annabelle's friend Lena noticed that Annabelle looked like she was having more fun swinging on the "monkey bars" and joined her. Not long after that another dancer defected to the monkey bars. By this time one of the instructors came over and asked the girls to join the other dancers and everyone but Annabelle obeyed. I was fuming because of my naughty daughter and tempted to go in and grab her. But I felt that would be to disruptive to the class. So I waited until class was over, but you better believe I was the first Mommy in the door.

I got down in to Annabelle's level and had "the talk" about how disrespectful she had been and ordered her to go apologize to her instructors. It takes a lot to shake Annabelle up and at this point she was showing no remorse. She just kept saying that she was "using the monkey bars" as if that was what she was supposed to be doing. I countered that the teacher came over to her and said, "Annabelle, stop hanging on the bars and come dance." To that Annabelle replied, "No, she didn't know my name!" Apparently in Annabelle's mind, anonymity gave her the right to disobey.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Happy Veteran's Day Daddy!

Yesterday the girls decorated a giant sign for Daddy for Veterans Day. Thank you Daddy for being our hero!

Roles at Our House According to Aliah

Daddy is a good fixer upper
Annabelle is a good solve problemer
Aliah is a good artist
Mommy is a good taker carer
Violet is a good messer upper
And- oh, and Mommy is a good cleaner upper

This is a pretty good explanation of who does what at our house. A couple of years ago when we asked Aliah what our jobs were she said, "Daddy's job is to make GPS's and Mommy's job is to clean poopy bottoms." Yes, my job is still to clean up poopy bottoms, thank you very much.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Progess in the Kitchen

Yesterday, Ricky and I finished installing the tile on our backsplash. Today we sealed the tile and tomorrow we will grout. Here are some pictures of our progress yesterday. So far we are very pleased with the results.

We Now Have Two Readers at our House

The past few weeks, Aliah has begun to blend sounds together to form words as part of her kindergarten curriculum. When Annabelle isn't in preschool, she is usually hanging out with Aliah and I while we home school. Tonight I sat down with her and worked on a few words and realized that she has learned to blend words by just watching Aliah do it. How exciting, my 3 year old is reading!

(Aunt Caylyn, please don't read the following out loud to Aliah). This has caused some heartache for Aliah when Annabelle finishes words she is trying to sound out. But I guess that is why God gave Aliah Annabelle for a sister, to keep her on her toes. This summer when Annabelle started swimming like a fish (and Aliah wasn't swimming yet), Aliah was bragging to all of the kids in her swim class that her little sister can swim. It was pretty funny actually.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Friday at the Haigh House

Here is a typical Friday evening at the Haigh House: eat dinner, and then read books and goof off in the living room. Violet found some of old Sunglasses in Clay Center Tigers orange and black and was having fun trying out glasses for the first time.

After we gave the girls baths and got them to bed Ricky and I started setting up the kitchen to tile the backsplash. We got the layout ready for one wall and we will start tiling Saturday. I am so excited my kitchen will be done soon!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Can You Say Bedhead?!

Aliah woke up with the craziest hair. Ricky put the girls to bed last night since I was scrapbooking so I was a little suspicious about what happened. Turns out I got the real story from Daddy. He wanted her to wash her hair but she refused so she ended up going to bed with half washed non-blowdried hair. Oh well, at least he washed and dried Annabelle and Violet's hair. I was relieved that Violet didn't wake up with potatoes and peas in her hair from dinner last night.