Friday, August 29, 2008

Violet's Day in the Park

Our baby girl Violet is quickly growing up. A couple of weeks ago, the girls and I picked up Ricky after work and headed to the park. Up until now, Violet has always had to sit in a stroller, watching her sisters having fun. But this was a first- she actually got to break free from the stroller and climb around on the equipment. I literally think it was the happiest day of her 300-plus-day life. She was bubbling with excitement and felt like such a big girl. (Note to parenting police: there were 2 parental units spotting her at all times and she only almost accidentally went down one twisty slide.)

Now you may have noticed that Violet's preferred mode of transportation is not actually a crawl, but more of a one-handed sitting scoot. This allows her to keep her head up and see what is happening, she has one hand free to hold something, and can get to a quick sit at any time. As you can see, she is pretty efficient at it, especially if she sees her sister's chap stick on the floor or the bathroom door open.

Water Gun Fight

While on vacation the girls got to participate in a water gun fight. Well, Annabelle participated by getting squirted by Aliah. In this first video, Aliah is squirting Annabelle while she is trying to pick out her own mammoth water gun. Sorry for the jumping around, I was laughing while I was recording it.

What can make you feel better after getting squirted in a water gun fight? A snow cone, of course.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Annabelle's First day of preschool

Annabelle had a big day today with it being her first day of preschool. She is a peer model in Ms. Deanna's special education classroom like Aliah was when she was in preschool. That made it very easy for Annabelle to be dropped of her first day. In fact, she told me I could just drop her off and didn't need to walk her in. Aliah was super excited to see her old teacher, Ms. Deanna.

Here are some pictures of Annabelle with her backpack full of supplies before we left this morning.

My Favorite Part of Vacation

When I started planning this vacation I was looking for a place that would be fun for our family but also a place that would provide all of our food. Packing the car full of food and taking time to prepare food was just not my version of a vacation. When I found YMCA of the Ozarks, the thing that sold me was the buffet, but more importantly the children's buffet.

The was a big sign over the children's buffet that read: "CHILDREN'S BUFFET- Adults must be accompanied by a child." It was low to the ground and Aliah and Annabelle could serve themselves. Ricky and I decided that we would let them get whatever they wanted to eat and drink while we were on vacation. (Within limits of course, no soda and only one desert per meal.) So Aliah ate a lot of grilled cheese sandwiches, mandarine organges, and brownies. Annabelle had a lot of cranberry juice and um, cranberry juice. Violet spent a lot of time decorating the floor with her food. Not one word was ever said about eating your vegetables the whole time.

Monday, August 25, 2008

At the Beach (Violet too!)

The girls had a great time just digging in the sand and playing around in the water on the sand beach. Not wanting to deprive Violet, I also let her loose on the sand beach. After ingesting about 5 handfuls of sand and attempting to eat every pretty rock she could lay her hands on, I finally had enough and decided she was done.

Annabelle took a break from playing in the sand to go get a free snow cone. While she was walking back to her spot on the beach, Ricky asked her if she was having fun playing in the sand. "Yes, I am. Are you having fun Daddy?" Ricky told her yes, he was having fun too. She replied, "You made a big smiley face in the sand, so you must be having fun Daddy!" (notice this picture was taken the next day when she had her face painted)

Aliah built an elaborate sand structure.

Vacation photos

Here are some random pictures from our vacation. Since I haven't quite figured out how to be a super blogger yet, you will have to excuse me not commenting on specific pictures. One of the girls' favorite activities was getting their faces painted. Aliah was a dalmation, Annabelle a butterfly, and Violet got a violet heart. It just so happened that that night our lodge became infested with "old-timers" since an Elderhostage event had just started. So everywhere they went, some grannie would exclaim "Look at the cute dog and butterfly!" much the girls' pleasure.

Minature Golf was lots of fun (for the first hole:)

Aliah and Daddy on the paddle boats (daddy when are we going to be done?)

Captain Ricky mans his first voyage.

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Sunday, August 24, 2008

How Old are You?

Yesterday we woke up on our second day of vacation to beautiful Trout Lake. We went down to the dining hall to eat our first breakfast here and talk about the day's activities. I had signed the girls up for a build-a-teddy in the afternoon but we didn't have any plans for the morning. Ricky asked me if they had childcare here. I first thought he was kidding, but I guess he wasn't. I told him that they have an "Adventure Club" for kids ages 4-10 in the mornings. We pondered it and almost simultaneously said "She can pass for 4." So after breakfast off we went to sign up the girls for Adventure Club. We told Annabelle that for vacation she was now 4 years old (big mistake!)

So we arrive at adventure club and the girls meet their leaders. The first thing the leaders say is "how old are you?" Aliah responds, "I am 5." Then they look at Annabelle and she proudly holds up 4 fingers. I breathe a sigh of relief and I notice out of the corner of my eye that Ricky has retreated to the corner behind the pop machine. Then Annabelle, not being one of few words proceeds to say, "I am really 3 but for vacation Mommy says I am 4." "Yeah," Aliah chimes in, "she is really 3 but Mommy and Daddy wanted her to come to Adventure Club too so for pretend she is 4." A flush of embarrassment consumes me and I quickly realize why Ricky left the scene.

Just to punctuate the fact that Annabelle truly isn't old enough to participate in Adventure Club she suddenly becomes clingy as I try to make an escape. I have to recruit Aliah to hold Annabelle's hand while I make a quick escape. 2 1/2 hours later I come to pick them up and they seemed to be having a good time. Aliah made a new friend, Lydia, whom she plays with many times over the next couple of days. So all in all we were glad they got the opportunity to go to Adventure Club this vacation. We will look forward to them both being legal Adventure Clubbers next year.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Jumping on the Blog Wagon

Here I am blogging about my family. Why? Because as a busy homeschooling Mommy of 3 I need something else to do! Well really, I can keep family and friends up to date on what has been happening at the Haigh house, hence "Haigh Happenings."